British Expat Living In Turkey – Interview With Rose From Ankara

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  1. Christina says:

    Dear Rose, thanks for this great interview. I recently moved to Ankara together with my husband and newborn daughter.Having read your advices i will try to follow them. Anyhow I was wondering which facebook group you joined and how to become part of the weekly coffee round?:) any further advice would be very much appreciated.

  2. Jan Kuş says:

    That’s a great information. I’ve been living and working in Seattle, Washington but has been visiting Turkey in the past 10 years and it was lovely. I finally decided to move and stay with my husband here in Turkey because he’s Turkish. We moved and stayed in Ankara for a year. People are lovely but from my pint of view (and experience of living and working in different continents around the world) it’s depending on what kind of people as well, because I had negative experience when people cut in front of line in a fitting room, the way people are driving and parking, and not good customer service. I had similar experience where they make easy things to be a complicated matters such as registering phone, water or electricity. However, I got good experience in customer service mostly from Arabica and Plants shops. Most of my neighbors are very nice and kind which is similar in US, which you have to choose what kind of people you would surrounding by. I joined several groups but don’t I don’t like it that much , the Internation seems to meet up at the bars or clubs and others groups, tend to have pretty much Turkish, barely have expats, and it seems like they created the group just to try to connect with expats so they can practice English only. For safety, I feel really safe here, I think Ankara is much safer than some cities in US. I don’t use Facebook anymore due to privacy security, do you know if there are any expats group that I can join? Nevertheless, thank you for your life experience and this is a wonderful information 🙂

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