Expatriate lifestyle – How a Bad Day Turns Into a Great One!

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  1. Furkan says:

    really useful info about turkey. Simit look delicious however did you try “poğaça”:) It is other similar food to simit in Turkey and it is so delicious

  2. Marc says:

    What an inspiring article! I have not heard of Simit, but will look for it now, sounds delicious. I have never been to Turkey, but your post makes me want to visit.

  3. Lawrence says:

    If I’m being honest I have never heard of Simit before =)

    Turkey is a place I have never been to before but this post makes it tempting to go haha.

    Really enjoyed reading this post, very inspirational too.

    • Ana says:

      Hey Lawrence, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Turkey is waiting for you to explore it 🙂 There are many things both of us never heard about 🙂

  4. Brandon says:

    I have never thought of it like this, and I too agree that turning a bad day into a great one is not easy to do. But after a little practice and “know-how” I think people will be able to take advantage of this skill and use it everyday! BTW, I love Turkey and wouldn’t mind going there again someday 🙂

    Kind regards,

    • Ana says:

      Hey Brandon, thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you that it’s the skill we have to learn and later it becomes easier to overcome many things in life. I’m glad you love Turkey, it is really a wonderful land. Wish you all the best,Ana.

  5. Natalia says:

    This was so emotional article…and everything you wrote is so true! Being and expat myself, I feel the exact same thing! It is important not to forget that we have so many people that love us and care for us even though they are far far away 🙂

    • Ana says:

      Dear Natalia, yes, I agree with you that we should always remind ourselves that there are people who care about us, but it is not always easy to do it, but we should find ways to ease our expat life. I’m glad you enjoyed the article and I wish you all the best,Ana.

  6. Tove says:

    I think I understand what an expat is but I haven’t heard of this word before. Is it being foreign in a country?
    Byt the way, I loved your story and how you managed to turn things around. As you mention, all of it happened in your head. And you were rewarded with a baby shower with your good friends and new friends. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story.


    • Ana says:

      Glad you asked. Expatriate (shorter expat) is a person temporarily or permanently living in a country that is not his/her country where they’re born or they don’t hold the citizenship of that country. This is the “official” meaning of the word, but it is up to a person to decide whether they feel like an expat in some country or not. I’m so glad you enjoyed my story. All the best for you! Ana

  7. Milena says:

    Dear Ana, 🙂 I want to tell you that I have enjoyed reading this honest, emotional and so a true life text … I’m sure that every man sometimes or often experienced a kind of lonely …
    Often, we know that we have so many people that love us and care for us even though they are far far away, but… sometimes nostalgia is stronger…
    Then everyone need some good advice … I think you’re and your beautiful story, to everyone who read, gave a small gift …
    In my case, You gave me advice and strengthened my faith 🙂 Thank Y for that 🙂
    I will continue to follow your post and enjoy… Milena 🙂

    • Ana says:

      Dear Milena,Thank you so much for your honest comment. I hope for all the people who are faar away from their family never to forget that there are always people who care for you and love you. İ`m happy to have you on my blog,please,come again. Wish you all the best in your life.

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