Turkish Tea Culture

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  1. Sam says:

    I had no idea tea was such a big thing there! What is the difference between cay tea and something like black tea? Is it more sweet? I myself have been easing into tea drinking lately. I never used to like it but after forcing myself to drink about 50 cups I find it’s actually starting to grow on me. Is there any particular reason the cups are so small? Just to ensure your tea doesn’t get cold? Great article!

    • Ana says:

      Hey Sam, thanks for your comment. Yes, tea here is a huge thing. What they call cay is a black tea and actually, they produce it here, in Turkey and it’s organic, which is great! No need for use of pesticides and other things, because cay is being grown in areas with a lot of snow, which protects it from many things. And yes, cups are small just to ensure your tea is always hot. Thanks for reading and I’m glad you liked it!

  2. Filippo says:

    Wow! As an Italian that lived for a while in Turkey, I can make a parallel with the coffee culture in my home country. It is very interesting that in Turkey they are drinking so much black tea…do they mix it with milk also (as a parallel to cappuccino!)? Also, do they drink other types of tea (like green, made out of herbs, fruits, etc.) or the black tea is dominant? Thanks again for sharing your experiences from Turkey!

    • Ana says:

      Dear Filippo,thanks for your interest. Actually in Turkey on a daily basis most of the people drink only black tea and never mixing it with milk. Herbal teas are also very popular,but most of the people would drink in it only when they`re sick. I`m glad you like my blog,there are maany things and posts to come,so do come back. All the best to you.

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