How You Can Help Refugees in Turkey – Interview With A Humanitarian Activist Zsuzsa Nago

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  1. Sara says:


  2. Natalia says:

    Sadly, people are sometimes scared of refugees and everything that is around them. The first sentence of Zsuzsa is very very important-I am a human. Refugees are also humans and we shouldn’t forget that. There are so many ways to help humans in need, it will not take us too much time ( and we know how busy our lives can be) and we do something for a good cause. For humans.
    Thank you for this article!!!

  3. Mehmet says:

    Very nice article! Turkey accepted so many people in need… through organizations such as this one, we can demonstrate the real spirit of Turkish people and assist the poor ones. They don’t need much – just a warm dish, hug and a support, to know that they are not alone. Thanks for sharing – hope that the message will reach many people and that it will make people think how they can assist. Great!

  4. Iva says:

    Cool! Loved the article!

  5. Sasa Numic says:

    This is so useful. Thank you for this article, it means so much

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